This posts is out of date as of the end of 2019. I’ve rewritten it in Clojure and AsciiDoc and ported the super old WordPress posts into AsciiDoc. This content is mostly irrelevant now.

I’ve, once again, migrated my blog onto another platform. This time I’ve gone from WordPress on my own Linode to Cryogen on GitHub pages. This means a few things:

  1. I no longer need to worry about running my own server, even though Linode is fantastic. I just don’t want to maintain anything, especially WordPress.

  2. I can blog with a Clojure based platform and integrate Klipse easily for interactive lispy posts.

  3. I can write my posts in markdown with Emacs and keep it all on GitHub.

The migration

I wanted to start fresh since my old blog is full of so many topics that I do not feel reflect my true interests anymore, so here I am with a blank slate. Luckily I found a way to keep my WordPress site exactly how it was so as not to break a single URL without running WordPress itself.

I used Simply Static to generate a snapshot of my entire blog which I could then merge into my GitHub pages repositories top level. This means every URL that used to work with my original blog will work with this one.

I don’t promote my old posts through this anymore, but they’re still there, I even preserved the original homepage.

The payoff

I think it was worth it since I no longer have to run a server and I can do things like this.

(define (add a b)
  (if (= b 0)
    (add (+ a 1) (- b 1))))

(add 10 20)

I also did this entire migration today while on trains and in cars over mobile internet, which was fun.