Making package.el behave like Vundle

I love Vundle, it allows me to specify a list of packages within my dotfiles repository that is kept up to date and in sync with every other machine I use Vim on. The key point with this is that I can remove a package from all machines by simply deleting the line from my […]

Building vim-netrw-signs: Into the VimL

In this post I’m going to aim for an MVP that may not be the most usable but can serve as a proof of concept. This version will only run when you call a command and have minimal configuration. Polishing of the plugin will come after in the form of help pages, configuration and automatic […]

Building vim-netrw-signs: Tooling

In my last post I focused on getting the repository and main files up and running, here I’ll briefly touch on the satellite tooling I’m going to hook into to make the development a bit easier. Oh, also, I’m writing this from a cruise ship somewhere around Gibraltar. Travis So I created my .travis.yml file […]

Building vim-netrw-signs: Introduction

I thought of another Vim plugin idea a while back at Vim London, which happens to be my second of such ideas, the first being vim-enmasse. My plan is to build this plugin over the coming weeks (probably months, ideally not years) and take you along for the ride with these brief posts. From git […]