Making El-Get sync like vim-plug

As my post from last night says, I’m giving Emacs another go. And in an even older post, when I was trying Emacs for the first time, I show my approach to getting my packages syncing like I do in Vim (spoiler alert: It didn’t work very well). My Vim setup will remove unused packages, […]

Giving Emacs another chance

I was originally going to call this post “Attempting Emacs 2: The Re-Emacsing – A Vimmers tale”, I thought better of it. As you may have noticed from my tweets over the recent weeks, I’m infatuated by Clojure among many other languages that aren’t the one I’m paid to write (JavaScript). I’ve been planning on […]

Emacs: There and Back Again

So I’m back in Vim already. I gave Emacs a few months of good usage though and tried out multiple styles of configuration. At first I tried to build my own from the ground up, a la Vim, but it was too fiddly. I found Emacs to be too big to handle cleanly for one […]

Spacemacs: Emacs + Vim

This post is pretty rough around the edges. I wrote it in Google keep as notes I intended to write up and eventually publish nicely but I don’t have the time. I’ve done what I can from my phone but I just wanted to get it out there. I hope you find it useful! What […]

Understanding Emacs errors

You can probably begin to get to the bottom of most internal Emacs problems with debug-on-entry. This function prompts for a function name interactively (which also hooks into helm) and will essentially set a breakpoint within Emacs on that function. When it is called you’ll get to see what functions were called and with what […]

Making package.el behave like Vundle

I love Vundle, it allows me to specify a list of packages within my dotfiles repository that is kept up to date and in sync with every other machine I use Vim on. The key point with this is that I can remove a package from all machines by simply deleting the line from my […]

A week (or so) with Emacs

So I managed to use Emacs for one whole week of full-time JavaScript work, whilst only falling back to Vim for the odd tweak of JSON or configuration, I count that as a success. It’s shifted my opinion of it since I set up my package management and JavaScript tooling, you can find all of […]

Emacs: A few hours after exposure

The symptoms are starting to show: fever, babbling, countless browser tabs and an insatiable urge to learn Lisp faster than it can be typed. After just one evening of playing with my configuration I have a system for me to define and load configuration files with ease as well as sync my plugin files from […]

Why a lover of Vim is going to try Emacs

I’ve been using Vim for a couple of years now, despite that making up around half of my entire career, I feel like I’ve learnt it rather well. I can’t hack VimL like tpope, all hail, but I can flit around a large project and edit almost without thinking. The editor becomes a language seared […]