I’m going to be talking at Vim London again on Tuesday, so I thought I’d knock a quick presentation together. I was planning on using Vimdeck but it turns out it freaks out on Arch based Linux distributions, such as Manjaro (probably some other Linux distributions too).

When executing gem install vimdeck it tries to install RMagick which fails on my machine due to ImageMagick being installed with HDRI enabled, whatever the hell that is. Apparently the Arch team enabled it a few months back.

The solution? Clone the RMagick repository and execute the following.

gem build rmagick.gemspec
gem install rmagick-{VERSION}.gem

Where {VERSION} is the version of the gem you just built. This will vary from the time when this post was written so I won’t bother putting the version I had in there. Now you have a fixed version of the gem install you can execute gem install vimdeck and it will install perfectly. If not, congratulations, you’ve discovered a new issue!

Now to write my presentation…