Taming clojure.spec with expound

From Clojure 1.9 and up, the core language is guarded by various clojure.spec definitions. This means, even if you’re not using spec directly yourself, you will potentially encounter spec derived errors. These errors, much like all errors in Clojure, are extremely verbose and make it hard to discern what the actual problem is at a […]

My new prompt (oh-my-zsh)

I’ve rewritten this in fish shell functions since writing this, you can find that in a gist. I’ve been thinking about my terminal prompt recently, more specifically my oh-my-zsh theme and what I actually need it to show. I’ve been using the “clean” theme since I began using oh-my-zsh but I’ve realised I basically ignored […]

Things I learned about Docker the hard way

This list was just ripped from a Google Keep item I wrote late last night, just wanted to share. A process per container is noble but hard for existing projects. Use one container if you have multiple components with a startup order / dependency. Write a script to manage the processes. When you build a […]