Making El-Get sync like vim-plug

As my post from last night says, I’m giving Emacs another go. And in an even older post, when I was trying Emacs for the first time, I show my approach to getting my packages syncing like I do in Vim (spoiler alert: It didn’t work very well). My Vim setup will remove unused packages, […]

Understanding Emacs errors

You can probably begin to get to the bottom of most internal Emacs problems with debug-on-entry. This function prompts for a function name interactively (which also hooks into helm) and will essentially set a breakpoint within Emacs on that function. When it is called you’ll get to see what functions were called and with what […]

Making package.el behave like Vundle

I love Vundle, it allows me to specify a list of packages within my dotfiles repository that is kept up to date and in sync with every other machine I use Vim on. The key point with this is that I can remove a package from all machines by simply deleting the line from my […]