You only see the directive, controller or template. Sometimes parts are in the same place and you can make sense of it. A lot of the time they are disparate and hard to comprehend. I’m wasting time trying to understand how value X gets from A to B, let alone what happens to it along the way or at the other end. Or even what X actually is!

I don’t like Angular for various reasons after working with it closely for around a year. I think this is largely because of the constant weaving in and out of multiple files and DOM structures. There’s no continuity and clear zones to create or find things. I’m sure someone that cares enough will retort with an architecture that sort of looks alright, but it’s still string based soft bindings all over the place and mutation left, right and center.

I may be biased. I want to move towards ClojureScript and immutable data structures. If I can’t have ClojureScript I want to emulate the best things about it, Angular is very different to the world I want to be in.