27 October 2017

Hello, World!

I've, once again, migrated my blog onto another platform. This time I've gone from WordPress on my own Linode to Cryogen on GitHub pages. This means a few things:

  1. I no longer need to worry about running my own server, even though Linode is fantastic. I just don't want to maintain anything, especially WordPress.
  2. I can blog with a Clojure based platform and integrate Klipse easily for interactive lispy posts.
  3. I can write my posts in markdown with Emacs and keep it all on GitHub.

The migration

I wanted to start fresh since my old blog is full of so many topics that I do not feel reflect my true interests anymore, so here I am with a blank slate. Luckily I found a way to keep my WordPress site exactly how it was so as not to break a single URL without running WordPress itself.

I used Simply Static to generate a snapshot of my entire blog which I could then merge into my GitHub pages repositories top level. This means every URL that used to work with my original blog will work with this one.

I don't promote my old posts through this anymore, but they're still there, I even preserved the original homepage.

The payoff

I think it was worth it since I no longer have to run a server and I can do things like this.

(define (add a b)
  (if (= b 0)
    (add (+ a 1) (- b 1))))
(add 10 20)

I also did this entire migration today while on trains and in cars over mobile internet, which was fun.