A place to share my knowledge and escapades in the world of web development.

About me

Hi there, I’m Oliver Caldwell. I am a developer who specialises in frontend technologies, living and working around London. My StackOverflow careers profile will probably give you a good idea as to what I enjoy working with.

In short: I love all things open source and enjoy writing good JavaScript (yes, there is such a thing). A love for programming in general and a thirst for knowledge provide the motivation I carry through into my work. I adore what I do, hopefully that shows.

If you want to know a little bit more about me, I am sure my Twitter, GitHub and StackOverflow accounts should suffice. If not, why not get in touch. You can contact me through most of the sites I just linked to, or you can drop me an email with olliec87 which is hosted on gmail.com. I thought I should split that up a little to at least avoid some of the spam.