Emacs: A few hours after exposure

The symptoms are starting to show: fever, babbling, countless browser tabs and an insatiable urge to learn Lisp faster than it can be typed. After just one evening of playing with my configuration I have a system for me to define and load configuration files with ease as well as sync my plugin files from […]

Why a lover of Vim is going to try Emacs

I’ve been using Vim for a couple of years now, despite that making up around half of my entire career, I feel like I’ve learnt it rather well. I can’t hack VimL like tpope, all hail, but I can flit around a large project and edit almost without thinking. The editor becomes a language seared […]

Building vim-netrw-signs: Into the VimL

In this post I’m going to aim for an MVP that may not be the most usable but can serve as a proof of concept. This version will only run when you call a command and have minimal configuration. Polishing of the plugin will come after in the form of help pages, configuration and automatic […]

Building vim-netrw-signs: Tooling

In my last post I focused on getting the repository and main files up and running, here I’ll briefly touch on the satellite tooling I’m going to hook into to make the development a bit easier. Oh, also, I’m writing this from a cruise ship somewhere around Gibraltar. Travis So I created my .travis.yml file […]

Building vim-netrw-signs: Introduction

I thought of another Vim plugin idea a while back at Vim London, which happens to be my second of such ideas, the first being vim-enmasse. My plan is to build this plugin over the coming weeks (probably months, ideally not years) and take you along for the ride with these brief posts. From git […]

Hello again, WordPress

Once again I’m reworking my personal website and blog. This time I’m aiming to journal my progress through projects that I work on in my free time (such as Vim plugins) as well as the odd rant or tutorial post, as I have written in the past. I felt that trying to force myself to […]

Installing Vimdeck on Arch

I’m going to be talking at Vim London again on Tuesday, so I thought I’d knock a quick presentation together. I was planning on using Vimdeck but it turns out it freaks out on Arch based Linux distributions, such as Manjaro (probably some other Linux distributions too). When executing gem install vimdeck it tries to […]

Always remain a beginner

I’ve been programming for about five years, almost entirely in JavaScript, three of which being professional. I’m an absolute beginner and I always will be. This is a good thing. Why remain a beginner? Because a beginner will never stop learning. A beginner must continually progress or they will stall in their learning, stalling brings […]

Test private methods

If you’ve barely passed the title and you’re already seething with violent rage: This post is for you. Like medicine that smells of battery acid, this’ll taste bad and potentially kill you but you’ll feel better for it in a few days. Let it settle in for a bit, mull it over. Herein lies my […]

Graph from scratch

James mentioned the other day that he was drinking tea “at a rate of 0.75 OC”, OC being the base speed at which I myself consume a mug of that wonderful brown liquid. A little flurry of tweets ensued which resulted in me kind of accepting a joke/challenge using a meme. This post is mainly […]